You have the option to cut someone off as a friend on Facebook if you do not wish to see their postings or activity on your own profile. However, this does not imply that you sever all of your relationships. You still have the ability to search for their profile and communicate with them.

Blocking someone is another effective method for preventing them from appearing in your news feed. They won't be able to view any of your posts, images, or profile information. They will be unable to send you messages, tag you in photos, or post on your timeline while you are blocked by them.

If you discover that you have block someone on facebook, you have the option to unfriend them again and undo the blocking action. Simply navigate to the settings section of your Facebook account to make the necessary changes there.

If you are using a public profile, there is no need to send out a friend request to anyone. If, however, you are using a private account, you will be required to issue a friend request before we may communicate with each other. You also have the option to report a friend request as spam.

There are a lot of different scenarios in which you can end up having to block someone. Take, for example, the scenario in which you believe that he or she has been ignoring you. You also have the option to block users who have been in the process of deactivating their accounts. You have the option of blocking the individual so that they will not receive any notifications if they are a member of your family.

Keeping them from interacting with your profile is something you should do.

There are a few different approaches you may take if you want to restrict the ability of other people to engage with your profile on Facebook. Some of these techniques will block that user indefinitely, while others will just limit their ability to engage with your profile. However, there is also a third option available, which is referred to as "snoozing," and it just prevents an user from posting for a predetermined period of time.

There's a lot you can do if you think you've been blocked on Facebook. You can reach out to the person by phone, send them a message or try to find out what's up. But you have to be careful and be prepared to hear that they've blocked you. Search engines can also be used to find out what's going on. Google and other social media tips are among them. The most straightforward approach to blocking someone on Facebook is to visit their profile. Because of this, the individual will no longer be able to send friend requests to you, interact with your profile, or tag you in any of their posts. You also have the ability to stop someone from publishing in groups or tagging you in images that they take.

Contacting the person who blocked you

You also have the opportunity to block someone using the mobile application for Facebook. Users are required to both input a name and pick the "Block" option. After the individual has been banned, they will no longer be able to send you messages, invite you to events, or take part in activities involving groups. You will still be able to view the activity of the individual on the accounts of your shared friends, though.